About Me

Our world today is often described as a 'global village' thanks to technology.  This great tool allows individuals (and groups) to set their parameters of communication as far and as wide as they please.  This is my purpose for starting this blog.

  •  Mother
  •  Lover
  •  Educator
  •  Creative flair
An educator never passes on an opportunity to teach and learn, and that is the reason behind this blog; to educate and be educated.  My objective is to share my expertise on sewing with individuals who want to take their sewing/dressmaking skills to the next level.

My vision for this blog is as an interactive site for a community of people passionate about sewing.  Novices, semi-confident individuals, and experts are all welcome to receive and share as together we can learn and grow. 

"The greatest disservice to our youth lies in not imparting the skills we have acquired along the way, for the grave has no use for them."    Patience Kodua

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