Sewing Tools/Equipment

The basic items in the arsenal of every passionate dressmaker should include but is not limited to the following:-
  • Sewing Machine
  • Quality pair of scissors for cutting fabric only
  • Scissors for cutting paper/trim etc.
  • Measuring tape
  • Pins/pin cushion
  • Assorted needles (hand/machine)
  • Small magnet for retrieving dropped pins
  • Quick unpick 
  • Assorted sewing threads
  • Pack(s) of assorted machine/hand needles  
  • Tailors chalk (for marking fabric)
  • Yardstick/meter rule  
Though not absolutely required, a dress form can make all the difference when making/fitting one's own clothes.   They are available in single size, and multiple-size adjustable forms.
I personally prefer and own single-size forms simply because sewing is more than just a hobby for meHowever, for individuals who sew for a hobby the adjustable dress form may be a better value.  Still, the ultimate decision as to which type to invest in depends on individual sewing needs and finances. 

Purchasing a dress form just like most things requires a bit of shopping around.  The internet has made comparing products and price tags easy, and customer reviews can be helpful when making  the ultimate decision........"To buy or not to buy."
Garage/yard sales, and thrift stores are also good places to shop for dress forms (used).

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